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"I will always remember Tony as my expectation of the true Australian, straight to the point and no nonsense but with a wicked sense of humour. Brenda, the steady hand that keeps that Aussie spirit in check. Best of luck to you both in the future."
John (the Pom)

"Thank you for an entertaining trip and a great learning experience. If only we could learn to get rid of the flies! Second time round was just as great as the first. Thanks."
Wendy, Steve & Jacob

"Robyn and I both had a great time and would enthusiastically suggest it to anyone. Very professionally presented by you guys, TOP MARKS, as Robyn said "Better than The Lion King!" We look forward to joining you again
Best Wishes"

"A wonderful couple who have given us a fantastic trip...a trip of a lifetime"
Brendon, Ellen and Millie

"Three times we've crossed the Simpson, done the Gunbarrel and Canning too, every day there's something different and most times something new"
Fay and Cliff

"Great time as usual, another magnificent trip with our very good hosts, company great"
Bob and Lorraine

"If we had any expectations for this trip, it would be easy to say that they were well exceeded. We have seen so much, experienced and learned so much about your beautiful country. We hope that we can convince you to come to NZ and experience some real mountains, real lakes and real rivers. We shall take home some of the most fantastic memories!"

"We have thoroughly enjoyed each of our three trips, very relaxed following our fearless leader and Rex doesn't have to make any decisions and get stressed"
Rex and Lyn

"Thank you for a wonderful trip, full of surprises, most of all for the help finding the easiest paths up and down"
Jen and Richard

"As expected another safe, happy and mad trip. Many thanks!"
Harry and Rae

"had a fantastic time again, excellent 4WD learning experience"
Barry and Christine

"Once again led into the wilderness, through it, out again by two great operators. Thanks"
Kev and Coral

"We were in a state of shock that we decided to do this trip. and slightly less shock when we left. A priceless experience
Marcia and Kelvin

"I have learned such a lot in terms of driving, camping and flora and fauna. Many thanks and continued success to you both
Neil and Dorothy

"Girls loved the 'whoop dees'. Took Leanne a while to get used to the dust and flies, but she came around. Thanks for your hospitality and professionalism. Please don't let Brenda but any more corrugations!"
Kaitlyn, Alicia, Leanne and Mark

"Thank you for a wonderful adventure. It was amazing and congratulations to you for your superb organisation"
Marie and Peter

"Saw all sorts of interesting places we would never have found ourselves. Thoroughly looked after in all sorts of difficulties."
Peter and Katie

A pleasure to travel in good company with such friendly and helpful hosts."
Don and Bev

"Thank you for taking us on a really cool trip."

"Cross sand dunes and gibber and spinifexed swale,
We followed our guardians (with Ted as our tail),
Mulga, Mallee and Gidgee sheltered tiny bush birds,
and camels and raptors (I quote Brenda's words),
Rocky, rutted or deep mud, the tracks might be tough,
With Tony as leader. It was easy not tough,
And whether we made it on two wheels or four,
Be sure we would all like to tag-a-long more."
Paulette, Don and Bob

"...two wonderful and unforgettable weeks."
Janene, Brad, Nathan, Lachlan, Aaron and Rebecca

"Vertical learning 'curve."

"Just add that it's been awesome which would not be the case if you guys hadn't been superb in guiding us, and been bottomless pits of knowledge."

"Very, very professional and intensely knowledgable leaders...thank you so much for caring about my great vehicle."

"Thank you for a great experience, one we wouldn't have achieved without your leadership, spirit and unfailing good humour."
Barbara and Laurie

"Three trips in less than 12 months speaks for itself...a great trip. Some great country and great roads."
John and Wendy

"Thank you for a great trip. We look forward to our next meeting"
Walter and Tony

"A most enjoyable trip...many thanks for your expert knowledge, humour and 'liquid metal.'"

"Better than we ever thought possible...never bored, thank you for a wonderful trip."
Bill and Shirley

"You turned on great sand and mud, but bugger Big Red! ...Great trip."
Harry and Heather

"Third trip, just as wonderful as the first, Great hosts."
Joan and Bob

"Had a fantastic time learning to 4WD in the sand and over Big Red. Great, easy going company and many thanks for putting up with my photographic antics."
Heidi and Heinz

"Thank you for a wonderful, safe adventure and for all those water lilies, waterfalls, bumps and dust. We enjoyed it all."
Jim and Joan

"Looking forward to the next one. Thank you once again."
Peter and Helen

"Congratulations on a great trip, loved every minute of it."
Chris and Bob

"A wonderful trip which far exceeded the best of our hopes."
Barb and Geoff

"Thank you for a wonderful trip - especially all that character."
Karl and Carol

"We went, we saw, we conquered - top trip, an even better experience than we ever thought, looking forward to the next one."
Harry and Leon

"Thank you for your excellent tour. Great service, attention to detail and leadership...great team, like two ducks! Calm and serene on top!"
Ken and Beth

"We had a great time - beautiful country, great people, thorough and good natured guides."
Robyn and James

"Tremendous trip...both great hosts, always most helpful"
John and Barb

"Wonderful trip, thanks for running such a professional trip...we made many friends and saw many out of the way places."
Marion and Ian

"Great trip, amazing country, wonderful company. Well organised and fun, fun, fun."
Ewan and Sheila

"Cracking tour...learnt a few recipes and got to know some great people...highlight of our trip around Oz."
Jo and Erik

"Thank you for opening up parts of this great country that we would never have seen. We've had a really great time and really appreciate your vast knowledge."
Wendy, Kevin, Maureen and Ellen

"Many thanks for the tow-a-long, haircut, broken rear vision mirror and extreme fuel economy."
Nobby and Margaret

"Many thanks for a most professional and extremely enjoyable trip. Possibly best holiday break ever..."
Michael and Patricia

"Another magical trip."
Barry and Ken

"Fascinating trip, plenty of detours, great hosts and group."

"We had such a great time we don't want to go home."
Steve, Vicki, Alex, James and Ryan

"Impressed by your professionalism, competence and knowledge of the landscapes we have passed through, you have opened our eyes to this magnificent country."
Dick, Deborah and Jake

"Fantastic adventure, roads had 'character', Brenda's cooking hints great, Tony's 'bulldust' really helpful."
Doreen and Terry

"Adventure of a lifetime."
Brian and Betty

"Thank you for a great trip. Lots of variety in the country and catering to everyone's interests. Not a day went by without something really interesting to see and do. Thank you both for your patience and care."
Jan and Roma

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